Diamond Label

established in 2015

You're here because you want to know about Diamond Label right? Well I should start with me and how we even came about.

In 2012 I started shooting commercials and music videos while attending the University of Iowa majoring in Computer Science. I met and worked with a local videographer. I shot one wedding with him and really liked it but wasn't sure If I actually wanted to continue that path. A few months down the line I received an offer to do a wedding through a local DJ. I still wasn't sure if I really was ready. I took the job and just fell in love with the idea of handcrafting something couples could watch forever!

Here we are today! Its been an amazing 3 years. I knew coming into this industry that I wanted to be the best, have a big team and eventually offer photo. We have with the help of some amazing people accomplished all 3!

If you're still here and really want to know about me well here goes...

I am a husband and father of 4. I play piano and love to write music. Actually when I was younger I wanted to be a songwriter and write love ballads for the rest of my life. Then life happened haha. I love love to help people. I love giving to charities don't get wrong, but there's something about the human connection of meeting people and seeing the impact of your help. During the start of Diamond Label I co-founded a commercial video company called Flow Media, inc. Through that stint I developed the love for authentic, human storytelling and connection.  Something I pride myself on when making each film!

Oh and I LOVE to laugh. Seriously!